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Maintenance and update announcement

All servers will go offline for maintenance from 01:00 to 03:00 am,
25th May, 2018 (PDT), lasting for 120 minutes. 
Please leave the game in advance before maintenance time
to avoid unnecessary loss. Thank you for your understanding and support.

1. Main Interface Optimization
2. Open Koine Stone System of Soul Weapon
3. Optimize God's Trial
4. Add Fashion interface of Mind
5. Fix bugs in 3v3
6. New Map - Chaotic Sanctuary
7. New Border Map - Molten Crypt
8. New Border Bosses

5/26-6/1   Children's Day Event
6/2-6/3     Lucky Scratch
6/2-6/3     Pandora's Box
6/4-6/5     Recharge Ranking
6/4-6/5     Mysterious Shop
6/6-6/8     Crasy Smash
6/7         Flower Ranking
6/9-6/10  Sky Treature