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Big changes are coming to Omega Zodiac this Christmas. Apart from the new Christmas events, new updates and codes are waiting for you in our Christmas Party!

So far, its highest price reached HK$ 0.71 per share, which is approximately 12.7% higher than its offer price. The stock closed at HK$ 0.68 per share, which is approximately 7.9% higher than its offer price. It recorded a trading volume of 208 million shares, and turnover of approximately HK$ 141 million.
Game Hollywood, the publisher of Omega Zodiac, announced the successful listing of the Company on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited

New Updates

This year the game focused in giving players more options to develop their potential and grow in customizable ways. Updates including new Mounts, new Fashion items, new Bosses and a new version update will be launched soon based on our player’s feedback and suggestions.

New Cross-Servers Resource War

Now, players can fight for new treasures by mining different Mineral Veins. Looting other player’s mines and dominating the territory resources is the goal of the Resource War. Player will need to protect their mines and defend them from their enemies at all times.

New Omega Zodiac (Português)

The new Brazilian server will be officially launched in early January 2018, Omega Zodiac Português is published and fully localized for the Portuguese-speaking audience.

Key Features

1. Beautiful Sacred Sets that combine 2D and 3D artwork.

2. Challenge different Dungeons to obtain elite items.

3. 15 Constellations, 5 for each character, each with its own set of skills.

4. Nine combo skills for each character, each effective against different types of enemies.

5. Exciting PVP and PVE Arenas.

6. Social features including Guilds and Guild Battles.

7. Several Bosses and wild enemies that will need special attention and strategies in order to defeat them.


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