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Dear Players,
To offer you a better game experience,the servers will
be offline for maintenance at 01:00, November 17th, 2017(PST).
Servers will be online around 04:00(PST).

During the maintenance our developers are also making our best efforts for the latest updates. After maintenance please come back and find below whole new updated Omega Zodiac:

1.Cross-Server 3 vs.3 which is from 15:20 to 15:55 every day.
Reach Lvl.65 to join. Occupy the Crystal resource points to win and creating a good strategy is the key to win.

2.Monster’s Attack which is from 21:30 to 21:40 every day.
Reach Lvl.40 to join the event, during which there will be many monsters in the main city. You can receive rewards for defeating every monster.

3.Logging in Omega Zodiac for 7 days in a row can win a handsome reward for yourself.

4. Throw the dice to receive your random name of the role.