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Dear Players,
To offer you a better game experience,the servers will
be offline for maintenance at 00:00, September 19th, 2017(PDT).
Servers will be online around 03:00(PDT).
At the same time a series of update will also come one after another! 
1.Problem on application restrictions for guilds has been back to normal. All the new applicants can join into the guild only after approval.
2.The brand new Divine Shield System will be online at that time:
Divine Shield System is mainly immune to any damage from the players in the Wilderness especially during the PVP. And it can be activated by spending Euclases when you are not in combat.
Defeat other players in PVP events to upgrade Divine Shield.The higher the level of the Divine Shield, the better its Damage Reduction effect.
3. The new growth line handbook from Level 10 to Level 12.