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You will receive rewards and activat special powers when skills in Mix Blessing Rune reach certain levels.  

Warlord Rage

It has a chance to deal damage to the target ignoring its defense.

Pan's Thorns

Chances to make the target [Bleed]: Damage over Time

Moon Shadow

Chances to [Poison] the target: Damage over Time

Vulcan Ashes

Chances to [Burn] the target: Damage over Time

Thor Punishment

Chances to cause [Vulnerable]: Receive extra damage when being attacked.

Poseidon's Anger

Chances to cause [Weakening]: Target receives more damage and has more chances to receive Crit.


Chances to cause [Damage Boost]: Target receives damage reflected when attacking.

Divine Trial

Chances to cause [Lethal Strike]: Target’s healing effect reduces and receives damage reflected when attacking.


Rune Gems can upgrade Blessing Rune’s level, improve Stat and ATK.

Rune Gems are available in Lv.3 Guild Shop. You can also get them at Skill Dungeons, killing Gem Goblins in Goblin Party etc.