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 Class: Knight

Weapon: Greatsword

Difficulty: 1-Star
Characteristics: Knights are born to fight and die with swords in their hands. Gods and demons fear them!
Sacred Set Skills:
Rising Dragon
Titan Nova
Golden Excalibur
Lightning Bolt
Hundred Dragons
Class: Archer

Weapon: Greatbow
Difficulty: 3-Star
Characteristics: With bows and arrows, in their hands, no one is safe. Gods can run, but they can’t hide.
Sacred Set Skills: 
Nebula Chain
Royal Rose
Scarlet Needle
Starlight Extinction
Arrow of Light
Class: Mage

Weapon: Wand
Difficulty: 3-Star
Characteristics: As incarnations of the Shadow Dragon, the Dragon Mages deal damage to enemies within a large area. Their dark arts make them crucial in battle.
Sacred Set Skills: 
Diamond Dust
Dark Wave
Aurora Execution
Another Dimension
Treasures of Heavens