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Event 1: Slot

During the event, spend Euclases to play and win amazing rewards like Flame Worshipper and Flame Elf.
The more you play, the better the chance to obtain rewards.
1. Check how many points are needed to get Soul Stone, Astral and other rewards.
2. Reach the top ranking to obtain even more rewards like the Life Astral.
3. Gold Coins and Silver Coins can be exchanged for growth line skills, growth line items and more.

Event 2: Whack a Goblin

Use the Wooden Hammers to play Whack a Goblin during the event.
Hit the Goblins and Treasure Chests to receive rewards like Evolving Stones, Evolution Stone and points.
Gain more points to reach the top of the rankings to and claim Wings Awakening Material, Potential Stone Chest and more.


Event 3: God’s Trial

Complete tasks every day and win rewards.
Complete every three tasks to have a free chance to smash Gold eggs. Win grand rewards by smashing Gold Eggs!


Event 4: Login Rewards

Log in during the 3rd Anniversary celebration to get free Mount Evolution Stone, Shell, Hades’ Blood, EXP Cards, permanent fashions! 

Event 5: Accumulative Recharge in Merged Servers

During the event, recharge the specified amount of Euclases to obtain The five Gods' Card, Hades, Lvl 5 Gods' Card, Poseidon, Lvl. 5 Gods' Card Hera and even the Golden officer statute and Flame Worshipper!
Also, recharge at least 150,000 Euclases during the event to receive a set of fashion items! Including Character (except Flame worshipper), Mount, Wings, Talisman, Magic Circle, Elf, War Shield and Mind Stone!

Event 6: Consumption Spent Event

During the event, consume the specified number of Euclases to claim Blue Koine Stone, Purple Koine Stone Red Koine Stone and more! Also, I’ll tell you a secret… Limited Wedding rings will also be available in this event!

Event 7: Recharge and Exchange for Rewards

Recharge and Exchange: During the event, exchange the items for rewards like Legendary Sigil Chest and fashion items.

Event 8: Goddess’ Exchange

During the event, for every 1 Euclase you Recharge and then use you will receive 1 point.
For example: If you recharge 100 Euclases and you spend only 50, you will only receive 50 points.
Points can be used to exchange for items. But each item has a limit to exchange.