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The Sky Treasure Event is about to usher in new rewards!

How to play:
1. Roll the dice and advance the corresponding number of squares;
2. The treasure chests you pass by will be open and you will receive one random reward.

1. Everyone has 3 chances to roll the dice for free every day.
2. You will receive rewards after finishing your first clearance every day, which include Free Box Coupons that can be used to open Pandora's Box! When you reach 45 steps there is an extra bonus waiting for you!
3. Participate in the event and you may get Omni Evolving Stones to upgrade any growth line! And there are more chances to win Upgrade Stage Potions to upgrade Mounts/Wings/Talismans/Goddess/Magic Circles directly to the next stage!

We'll prepare a mysterious gift for all players during the event. Don't forget to check the in-game email!