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These great events will be available at the same time. 

We will have several outstanding events once the new server is opened.

1. Top Players
Every day a Ranking will be open for all players: Top Mount Ranking, Top Wings Ranking, Top Talisman Ranking, Top Goddess Ranking and Top Magic Circle Ranking. Reach the top and receive lots of rewards!

2. First Week Goals
There will be three goals every day during the first week of the game. You can receive Bound Balens when completing them!

3 Login in Rewards
Log in the game every day to receive rewards. Check-in several days in a row to receive better rewards!
Join Omega Zodiac and discover all the Events that are waiting for you!

4. Upgrade Rewards.
During this event upgrade your stage to receive rewards . You will be able to get a level 4 and  5 equipment when you reach Stage 4 and  5.

5. Limited Sale
In the duration There are some discounted items during this event,  refreshing at 00:00 o’clock every day. Each player is limited to purchase certain amounts of items. And the items on sale vary every day. 

6. Daily First Recharge 
Recharge certain amounts of Balens during this event to get valuable limited items as rewards by the most preferential price. 

7. Today’s Accumulative Recharge 
 Recharge certain amounts of Balens during this event to receive rich rewards. 

8. Extreme Exchange 
Collect Excellent Exchange Cards during this event to exchange  the Legendary Weapon Blueprint, which is an essential material to synthesize the Legendary Weapon.