[event]New Events Updated from Sept. 29th to Oct. 5th

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New Event:
1. During the event, players can log in daily to gain Dark Kirin shard. Players can collect enough pieces to synthesize the Dark Kirin mount (7 days) by logging in for seven days consecutively.

2. During the event, recharge 3000 Balens every day to claim lots of rewards. Players will also be able to get a special item: Venomous Dragon Essence and exchange a rare Mount:Venomous Dragon(15 days). Players can also exchange Level 2 Gods’ Cards.

3. During the event, there are different kinds of Dungeons with double the rewards.
September 29th – Evolution Dungeon has double rewards 
September 30th – Gold Dungeon has double rewards 
October 1st – Skill Dungeon has double rewards 
October 2nd – Spirit Dungeon has double rewards 
October 3rd – Equipment Dungeon has double rewards 
October 4th – Holy Realm  has double rewards 
October 5th – EXP Dungeon has double rewards

Event Duration: from 00:00 on Sept. 29th to Oct. 5th, 2016.